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JY Sports
World’s first innovative gameplay, reverse investment, Safe and simple investment worthy of your participation.

Financial security

Recharge and withdrawal was fast, guarantee 15 minutes to your account, and support USDT the funds are safe and reliable, the withdrawal operation is convenient, and it is available 24 hours a day

intimate service

Professional online customer service, 365 days a year, caring service to solve any problems for you, just to give you a better service experience. Legal apps are safe to download, both for Android users and for Apple users. The competition is all over the world, and the activities are open and transparent

Team sharing mode

Develop your team, reasonable bonus system, years of membership strength, real hematopoietic function, BAPA platform will give you the best stage to show your best self

Stable and reliable

International events, fair, just, open winning rate of up to 17/18 success rate and stable income.

JY Sports | Live football
JY Sports | Live football

Recommended events/matchs

There are recommended events on the platform page, so you don’t need to fight alone Mature and complete agency system and reasonable bonus system Years of basic membership strength, real hematopoietic function

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JY Sports | Live football

JY Sports

Platform development began to get involved in the football industry in 2011

The franchise project of this platform is mainly football. It cooperates with well-known legal exchange companies in the United States and integrates the principles of probability, statistics, mathematics, etc., so that football competition is not only a game, but also a high-yield investment comparable to funds and stocks. behavior! The platform adopts the world’s latest popular 'Reverse betting + welfare field + level differential commission' model, which operates simultaneously in dozens of countries around the world, provides bilingual versions in Chinese and English, and supports digital currency deposits and withdrawals such as Bitcoin and Ethereum that are commonly used in the world.

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Real-time monitoring of every game, you will not miss every guess

JY Sports | Live football

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What is a hedge fund

Hedge fund arbitrage is a quick and cost-effective financing tool that allows investors to reduce the risk of wealth growth. Calculated from the amount of investment, the amount of investment for anti-corruption arbitrage is low, and the reward is lower than that of ordinary stocks and securities, but it is also relatively high.

How to view

Investors can view profits and related costs in real time at any time. All investment results can be queried in any third-party channel around the world, and the data is true, complete, public and fair.

Is it safe and convenient

Investors can invest in hedge fund channels at any time throughout the day for easy trading, and funds can be moved in and out flexibly without any cumbersome constraints.

What other

Investors can buy and sell at any time according to their personal preferences and changes. There is no lock-up period for any funds. The professional skill team has a high level of system guarantee skills and builds a powerful website online skills financing service.